New(ish) Video and end of the release tour!

• 11th Nov, 15 •


Greetings, poets. 

It is wonderful to have you back. I'm so terribly late to the game on sharing this with you, at least on this section of the internet. My dear friends at East Mountain Detective Agency came together to make me a wonderful music video for my song Coyote. I couldn't be more grateful. 

We've been hauling this record around the country for a few months. And we're grateful for it. There's just a few release-shows left before I batton down the hatches and try to make you a new batch of mirror-songs. Me and my archest enemy Miss Quincy are trying to bury the hatchet, and getting in a car to head to Peterborough, Montreal, and Wakefield in the next few weeks. You can get all the details in the shows section. Me and my band will be wrapping up the whole mess at a show with one of my favourite Toronto bands, Sam Cash, at one of my favourite venues, The Dakota, on December 2nd. 

And then I'll shut down for a while. I love this job, but sometimes you get to feeling like a juke-box. I desperately want to offer you something new, poets. That's the deal we have, no? I will keep my promise if you will keep yours. 

I love you, poets. I am so grateful for your support, and I want to honour it with the newest poems that there are. Swing by and inspire me, any time you like. I'm here. I will always be here. 

Eternally yours, 



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