In my fellow poets, I find allies. Alone, we do nothing.  

These are the people that inspire me to listen for the future. Listen to them. 

Sue Newberry and The Law - Sue Newberry, by coincidence alone, is my sister. Sue Newberry, by virtue of very hard work, sheer determination, and enormous talent writes and performs some of my favourite songs. If I wasn't busy being David Newberry, my dream job would be playing in this band. 

The Nautical Miles - Corbin Murdoch and his remarkable band have been close friends as long as I can remember playing music. For many years I thought no one would ever make a record better than the Nauts' Wartime LovesongAnd for a long time, nobody did. That all changed when they released Ode To Joy earlier this year. 

Declan O'Donovan - Declan O'Donovan is an absolutely monster piano player. We spent part of this summer on the road together, and I am grateful to have gotten to know him. His heart is as good as his songs, and his songs are really, really good. 

Jenny Ritter - Jenny Ritter has sung on most of my records, played in most of my bands, and eaten at most of my dinner parties. I was a fan before she was a friend, and her music has been in my life longer than I have been making music. I'm basically not sure what music would sound like without Jenny Ritter. 

James Lamb - James and I have spent many, many hours together in, on, or under every type of vehicle. If you can imagine a small space, James and I have been inside of it together for days. Thankfully, he is a remarkable songwriter and a brilliant guitarist. If you ever see me do anything impressive, chances are I stole it from James.