New(ish) Video and end of the release tour!

• 11th Nov, 15 •


Greetings, poets. 

It is wonderful to have you back. I'm so terribly late to the game on sharing this with you, at least on this section of the internet. My dear friends at East Mountain Detective Agency came together to make me a wonderful music video for my song Coyote. I couldn't be more grateful. 

We've been hauling this record around the country for...



New Album REPLACEMENT THINGS - Available Today!

• 11th Sep, 15 •


Today is the day, poets

Replacement Things, an album I have worked on for more than a year, is available for you to own. It’s an attempt at exploring contemporary notions of honesty, consequence, and celebration. You can now download it here:

CD Baby:

As well as on all of the...



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