How Do Other People Describe David Newberry's Music?


"David Newberry writes songs with lyrics that linger, and sings them in a voice that stays with you. The feeling remains – and that means you want to hear more."
-Folkwords UK

"Newberry can be filed alongside the likes of young troubadours like Jerry Leger and Corin Raymond as evidence that Canadian roots music is in good hands."
-Exclaim Magazine

"Newberry doesn’t sacrifice lyrical creativity even when he’s making noisy, guitar-driven tunes..."
-CBC Music

"David's music is delivered with passion and intensity such as I have rarely experienced. Each song is like a masterpiece of concise writing, not one wasted word or thought. Each drives home the fact that I am listening to exquisite insights into the human condition. A brilliant blend of heart and mind that is all but missing in most of his contemporaries writing today. He is a brilliant poet and compelling performer. I will be in the audience again as often as I can. I think he is an outstanding writer. Simply outstanding."
-Three time Juno Award winner David Francey

"While other singer-songwriters talk about their storytelling skills and their ability to draw you into a song, Canadian singer David Newberry delivers. His new album "No One Will Remember You" is packed with beautifully crafted songs, the kind of music that has to be made by hand with great care. Coupled with his beautiful voice, you have quite the package...  His songs are gently sad, almost wistful, possibly exhausted: really the only emotions we have anymore in a world on the brink.... a refreshingly ego-less perspective that's unfortunately very rare."
-No Depression

"...equal parts 'The River' era Springsteen and Neil Young folk rock elements in his music (No One Will Remember You is a) soulful, really impressive sophomore album."
-Alan Cross